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This page monitors our critical services. If there is a disruption in service, incident notes will be updated here. Subscribe to updates to stay informed about any issues affecting our services availability.

  • Main Application Service

  • Widgets and calendar services

  • Artwin Professional Synchronization


Recent Incidents

  • Affected Service: Main Application Service May 12, Thu

    There is a problem with sending agreements.

    11:33, Oct 21 CET

    forgot to close this incident

    14:24, May 12 CET
  • Website unavailable

    Resolved in 1 hour
    Affected Service: Main Application Service October 21, Wed

    The Artwin Live website and services are currently not available due to server failure at the datacenter. We're currently investigating the issue.

    16:05, Oct 21 CET

    Our datacenter service provider is currently working on resolving the issue.

    17:12, Oct 21 CET

    The issue has been resolved by our service provider.

    17:47, Oct 21 CET
  • Performance issues

    Resolved in 2 weeks
    Affected Service: Main Application Service Widgets and calendar services June 03, Mon

    We're investigating an issue that has a negative impact on the site's performance.

    00:12, May 15 CET

    The problem was due to a newly enabled feature that needs to run once. This has drained the resources for a short time. We keep monitoring the service.

    01:15, May 15 CET

    We've been monitoring this issue and resolved it.

    11:11, Jun 03 CET
  • No incidents reported